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Adding Images and Videos in the Document

Looking to add images and videos to your content directly using the Scalenut Editor? Read on to learn how to do this in just a few easy steps.

Images and videos have helped content become more interactive and appealing because they add a level of diversity. Scalenut allows users to add pictures and videos directly via the Editor. Here are the steps to do it - 

  • You can only enter pictures or video links to the Content section of the Editor. For this, click on the ‘Create Content’ tab on the top left of your screen.

  • You will find icons to add images and videos in the top content bar. Click on the ‘image’ icon in the middle of the bar to open the pop-up window for adding pictures. 

  • You can use stock images (loyalty-free) by using the search bar in the ‘Stock Images’ section. Alternatively, switch to the ‘Image from Computer’ tab to import pictures from your offline storage. 

  • After choosing the photo to add, you can double-click or tap on ‘Add to Editor’ to insert the selected picture. 

  • Tap the ‘video’ icon to embed a video into your document directly via the Editor if you are looking to add a video. 

  • Doing this will open a small pop-up will appear where you can enter the video URL to add. Enter the video link and click the ‘Save’ option to embed the content.