Advice and answers from the Scalenut Team

Written by Soumya Chaturvedi

How can scalenut be useful for you?

How can Scalenut be useful for you?

Scalenut is a one-stop solution for all things content. Whether it’s just a social media post or the next lead-magnet e-book, the new Scalenut platform is designed to empower you with great content for everything.

This help article will talk about the advanced features and advantages of using the Scalenut platform for content creation.

Let’s start with the Basics.

Any platform is only as good as its UI/UX. It must be easy to use, simple to understand, yet powerful when put to the test. We agree!

The new Scalenut platform is a powerhouse of quick access features that enhance productivity and improve the quality of your content. Let’s look at the first thing you will see when you start using Scalenut, our Command Centre.

The Scalenut Homepage is the command center of your association with the most powerful content creation. Here are a few valuable things to notice.

  • A Dashboard that gives you direct access to the most used AI templates, a ‘Getting Started with Scalenut’ checklist, a download link to the Scalenut Chrome Extension, our Social Media community, and the latest offers to earn free credits.
  • An AI Copywriter for creating unique copywriting content for every use case.
  • An SEO Hub for all your long-form writing, where you will also find all your Content Reports.
  • An Archive section where you will find deleted SEO Docs, just in case you want to re-use them.
  • An AI Outputs tab with the discography of every AI output you have ever created on the Scalenut platform.

Now that you have an idea about the platform, let’s understand how you can benefit from Scalenut.

AI Copywriter

The AI Copywriter is the elixir of great short-form content, and it gives you more than 40 different AI templates to choose from. From Google Ads Copy to Q&A, you can create almost every type of short-form content using this tool.

Go to the sidebar panel and click on ‘AI Copywriter’ to access the same.

It will open a list of all the copywriting documents with their tags and word count. You will see an empty list if you are new to the platform. Type in the file name and click on the ‘Create Document’ option to create a new document.

You will find all the AI templates on the right-hand side of the new document.

Just click on short-form content and provide an essential context brief, such as the brand name and a short description of what you want AI to write for you.

Our AI will quickly create a few options for you to choose from.

Once you find something you like, just click on it to use the content. With the latest Scalenut upgrade, you can also use AI tools such as Write, Instruct, and Connectors to add further/edit the outputs.

The SEO Hub

Search Engines are the lifeline of digital marketing. Every organization is gunning for the top positions on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

At Scalenut, we specialize in identifying and executing in-depth keyword research based on NLP (Natural Language Processing). The SEO Hub of our platform is a one-stop-shop for all your optimization needs.

Users can create individual reports based on the target keyword and create content using NLP terms and competitive analysis of top-ranking content.

Simply enter your primary keyword, select your target geography and click on the ‘Create SEO Doc’ button on the right.

Our AI will scan the internet for your target keyword and present a comprehensive analysis of top content.

You will find a comparison between 1-10, 1-20, and 1-30 ranking web pages with average word count, our proprietary content grade, number of headings, readability score, and the number of images.

That’s not all; you will also find detailed outlines of top content, a list of NLP terms, the most frequently asked questions, and more in every SEO document.