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How can scalenut be useful for you?

Scalenut’s platform is a powerhouse of content that helps you in content planning, SEO research and creation of your content and optimization.

Scalenut is a powerful content research, writing, and optimization tool that helps to produce unique and engaging content that ranks higher on Google. It is a one-stop solution for all your content requirements. From a creative social media post to an informative blog, our platform has multiple tools for each and every need of you and your business. 

Our powerful SEO optimiser can help you identify points in your content that need improvement to boost your rankings and increase your chances of ranking higher. We ensure that your content has the best chance of achieving its intended goal to reach your desired target audiences and increase your visibility.

The Scalenut platform is a powerhouse of content for individual creators, agencies, marketing teams, and businesses. With a powerful UI that is also easy to use, Scalenut has multiple features to improve the quality of the content and boost productivity. We have designed our platform to help you ideate, conceptualize, write, edit, and get content feedback - in real-time - all in one place.

In this article, we will talk about how Scalenut can help you in your content strategies to connect with your target audiences and outperform your competitors. Adaptable to a wide range of content requirements, Scalenut gives you a simple way to produce scalable content that serves your personal and business goals. We at Scalenut aim to be your partner throughout your content journey by enabling the following processes - 

1. Content Planning and Research

2. SEO Research and Competitor Analysis

3. AI Writing (Long form writing, such as blogs, as well as short-form writing, such as social media posts).

4. Content Optimization to boost your SEO performance

Let us understand how the powerful features of Scalenut help to create valuable content.

Content Planning through Scalenut’s Keyword Planner

Are you having a hard time coming up with a comprehensive content strategy for your business? Look no further! Scalenut’s Keyword Planner helps you generate relevant keyword ideas at the click of a button, along with keyword ideas to target for your business. A keyword planner is a group of related topic ideas that are likely to be searched together by a potential customer.

Our keyword planner and generator helps you build topical authority by covering all topics of your particular niche. Using Scalenut keyword planner, you can power your content research and drive content performance by 

Creating multiple ideas for your blogs with targeted keywords.

Understanding location-specific statistics, customer intent, and competitor trends through social listening and aligning the content with your target user behaviour.

Making your brand authentic with smart and thorough content planning.

Scalenut’s Keyword Planner helps you plan your content smartly to cut through the clutter and stand apart. Make the SEO algorithm work for you by creating meaningful keyword ideas and clusters to get your content to higher SERP positions.

SEO Research by Scalenut’s SEO Tools

Every organisation is competing for the top positions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is because search engines are the lifeline of digital marketing. The secret to writing engaging, high-quality content lies in careful research and analysis of the competition. Our SEO Tools let you do exactly that. The tool-

Creates an automated outline of the top 30 URLs for a thorough competitor analysis, analyzing parameters such as SEO Score, word count, and rank.

Gives a list of frequently asked questions from forums and search engines to optimize your article.

At Scalenut, we help you perform in-depth keyword research based on Natural Language Processing for all your optimization needs.

Through Scalenut's SEO Tools, you can 

Increase your brand’s visibility by ranking for competitive keywords.

Generate key NLP terms with a deep and comprehensive analysis of the top 30 articles on Google.

Type in your primary keyword in the text field, select your target location, and click on ‘Create.’ In less than a minute, your SEO Research Document will be ready!

Once the SEO document is ready, click on ‘Create Brief’ to look at the research report for your keyword, or click ‘Create Content’ to get started with writing aided by our AI. 

Creating Content with Scalenut’s Smart AI Writer

Our AI writer is the one-stop solution for all your copywriting content needs. With more than 40 templates to choose from, Scalenut helps you create everything, from Google ads copy to social media posts, with the click of a button. To access the same, go to the sidebar and click on ‘AI Copywriter.’

It will open a list of all the copywriting templates from which you can choose one as per your requirements. Provide the necessary context brief in the prompt box, such as the brand name and a short description of your product or service.

You can use the AI templates for your copywriting requirements to drive sales and increase conversion rates for your business. It helps to create persuasive content instantly to connect with your target audiences. Our AI writer will quickly create a few options for you to choose from and use in your marketing copy.