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Written by Shreyanshi Gupta

Scalenut 2.0


Scalenut is more than just another content platform; we are your partners in successful content creation. We love solving problems and making it easier for our patrons to create quality content. At scale.

While planning our next product upgrade, we had two choices. One was to build on the existing capabilities, and the other was to enhance the utility of the platform's existing feature sets and functions. We chose the latter as any customer-centric company would have done.

The new upgrade is all about enhancing the Scalenut platform to cater to real-life problem statements identified through the active Scalenut community. The upgrade brings about structural changes that increase the platform's utility.

We conducted detailed interviews with over 54 small, medium, and large enterprises and more than ten industry expert interviews. We also collaborated with UI/UX veterans to understand customer journeys and amplify the Scalenut experience.

So without further ado, let’s look at the all-new Scalenut platform.

A new Command Centre of the Scalenut Platform

They say home is where the heart is; for Scalenut users, that home was our platform's command center.

Previously, the Scalenut command center, our homepage for creators, would open the SEO Assistant. Many of our users felt the need for improvements in the command center. Having an engaging yet central homepage was one of the top priorities for Scalenut users.

As you can see in the image above, the new homepage is a complete renovation of the old one. The latest upgrade will offer users an easy-to-access and intuitive experience. Here are some notable changes to the command center of the Scalenut platform.

  • An All-new Side-bar Menu with More Options to Use our AI editor.

In the new sidebar menu, you can access the Dashboard, AI Copywriter, SEO Hub, Archive, AI Output History, Your Account Settings, Our Talent Network, and Help Centre. The new sidebar provides direct access to everything you may need.

  • Quick Access Top-Drawer of Different Content Use Cases to Give you Everything You Need at Your Fingertips.

Whether you want to create a blog, product description, social media post, or email, this new section is like a personal butler that will give you access to everything you need instantly. Simply click on the use case you want and start creating high-quality content immediately.

  • Guide Videos to Kickstart Content Creation with Ease

A significant problem that many of our users face is difficulties with the onboarding process. The previous version of Scalenut did not offer readily available information for new users to start their content journey.

Therefore, the new upgrade brings a dedicated section called ‘Getting Started with Scalenut’, where you will find video guides for using different features, a checklist for seamless onboarding of new users in your team.

  • Direct Access to AI-powered Scalenut Chrome Extension

The new upgrade provides users quick access to the Scalenut Chrome Extension. A power-packed tool that helps you create great content on the go.

The extension works seamlessly with the most popular marketing platforms such as social media channels, emails, and other content marketing platforms.

  • Join the Creator Community, Share, and Learn from Peers

We are blessed with an active user community that continues to act as the north star for everything we do at Scalenut. Even you can join the Scalenut Facebook Community, start engaging with industry peers and learn the latest tricks of the content game.

  • Stay Updated with the Latest Offers and Earn Credits

At Scalenut, we love sharing; we constantly introduce new offers and discounts for users to earn credits. But occasionally, you might miss a few offers if you’re not regularly updated.

Therefore, we thought of introducing a dedicated section for Scalenut’s Earn Credit programs with the new upgrade.

From better access to essential features to simplifying and organizing workflows, the newly upgraded Scalenut homepage is a treat to work with. We are excited to see our users create some fantastic content.

Apart from these changes, we have also restructured some critical features of the platform. Let’s take a look at a few important changes.

One AI editor for everything you need.

Scalenut is a powerful tool, but the power was hidden in the SEO Assistant. You could only access the AI editor while creating content reports. Many users wondered, what if you just wanted to create a meta description or social media post with the AI editor?

The previous short-form editor (AI Copywriter) was a primary input-output machine that did not offer the same features as the long-form AI editor.

Well, wonder no more creators.

The universal AI editor upgrade lets you create short-form and long-form content with complete control over the AI editor.

Now you get more control over the finer AI aspects of short-form content with all the features of our long-form editor.

There is no need to create SEO documents; whether you are writing a blog or SEO-optimized website content, just select the type of content and start creating with all the power of AI, ML, and NLP.


We genuinely hope that the new upgrade serves its purpose and gives you an enriching content creation experience. The changes are meant to increase efficiency and the quality of results from our platform. We love content creation and value your support.

At any point in time, if you feel the need for a better understanding of our platform, please get in touch with us using the Help and Support section in the new command center.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the new and improved Scalenut and start creating excellent content today!