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Scalenut: Overview and Working

Scalenut is an AI-powered platform that powers your content strategy. It helps you create relevant, engaging, and optimised content.


Scalenut is a content research, writing, and optimization platform powered by the latest AI technologies that acts as your partner in the content creation and optimization process. 

We help you boost your content strategy and marketing efforts by creating scalable content of high quality. Now, with our Content Optimizer, you can work on your content to make it more SEO-friendly to improve your rankings on search engines and reach your target audiences. Our powerful Cruise Mode comes packed with AI facts to let you generate factually correct content to boost your authenticity and build trust with your audiences.

Scalenut enables you to create relevant content optimized for SEO without investing much time and effort. From brainstorming content ideas and creating comprehensive SEO briefs to generating content that ranks well on Google, Scalenut is a one-stop solution for all types of content creation.

To understand the needs of our target audiences, we conducted in-depth interviews with more than ten industry experts and around 54 small, medium, and large businesses. We also collaborated with UI or UX specialists to understand our customers' journeys and enhance their Scalenut experience through a friendly interface that is easy to understand.

So without further ado, let us look at the powerful Scalenut platform and what are the features it entails:

  • A Dashboard with direct access to the popular AI templates, ‘Getting Started with Scalenut’ video guides, a link to download the Scalenut Chrome extension, an option to join our social media community, and the latest offers to earn free credits.
  • An AI Copywriter to create unique content for every copywriting need.
  • SEO Tools to produce ‘SEO Reports’ for your long-form content.

A Powerful Command Centre

Home is where the heart is. For Scalenut users, the command center of our platform acts as that home. The homepage of our platform offers a personalized experience with an interactive dashboard.

One of our top priorities was to have an engaging central homepage for Scalenut users. Some of the notable features of the command center of our Scalenut platform are as follows.

A Striking Sidebar Menu with Options to Power Your Content

In the sidebar menu of Scalenut’s home page, you can access the following tools:

- Dashboard

- SEO Tools

 -AI Copywriter

- App Integrations

- Earn Credits program

- Your Account Settings

- Our Help Center 

The sidebar acts as your personal map of the Scalenut platform. The sidebar helps you navigate and directs you to everything you may need. Leverage the latest world-class AI technology with content creation and SEO expertise to form engaging content.

A Top Drawer of Useful AI Tools to Make Everything Available at Your Fingertips

Whether you want to create a blog, form a content brief, or plan your content, Scalenut has tools for your every need. The top drawer of our platform has tools powered by AI technologies to help you generate valuable content instantly. 

Simply click on the feature you want to use and start creating optimized content within seconds. You can also check out the quick overviewvideo to get yourself familiar with the platform and its working.

Guide Videos to Kickstart Content Creation with Ease

We understand that with the variety of features available on the Scalenut platform, it can get a bit overwhelming to understand the working. To help you out with your onboarding process, we have created brief and comprehensive guide videos for our different content features. These videos educate and encourage you to start your content journey.

Direct Access to Scalenut’s AI-powered Chrome Extension

Scalenut’s Chrome extension is a power-packed tool for all your content needs on the go. The extension works seamlessly across the most popular content and marketing platforms, such as Google Docs, social media channels, and emails. It helps to create engaging, creative, and insightful content.

Stay Updated with Scalenut’s Referral Program

At Scalenut, we constantly introduce new offers for our users. You can earn credits through our referral program. The credits you earn through these referrals can be used to purchase a new subscription plan or renew your current payment plan. 

Get Access to our Talent Network 

Gain access to our talent network, including seasoned creators from your industry who can help you create stellar content for your business needs.

Join our Community 

Join our active user community to get first-hand information on everything we do at Scalenut and gain industry insights. Start engaging with your peers and know the latest updates in the content industry.

An AI Copywriter for Everything you Need

Our AI copywriters act as your copywriting assistant to supercharge your marketing efforts. With our AI copywriter, you can control the fine aspects of your content. Choose the content you wish to create, brainstorm ideas and generate high-quality and relevant content.

With more than 40 copywriting tools and templates, Scalenut’s AI Copywriter keeps the ball rolling for you with instantly generated, engaging content.

SEO Tools to Get Your Content Ranking High on Google

Create SEO briefs and generate SEO-friendly content with our SEO tools. Scalenut’s Article Writer is a content research and writing tool covering all the ranking factors. The SEO tools help you track SEO parameters and provide detailed reports with actionable insights for your content.

Scalenut’s Keyword Planner helps you develop your content strategy. Display topical authority, increase content rankings and drive organic traffic to your website using Scalenut.

Scalenut’s AI-powered Article Writer allows you to gain deep insights into the SERP landscape in just a few minutes. Our NLP-based algorithm fetches data in real time and gives you an idea of how to fill any gaps in your content plan with SEO-friendly topics. 

Make Your Content Rank Higher With Our Content Optimizer

Scalenut content optimizer is your blueprint to create powerful high ranking content with increased visibility for your target audiences. Our tool scores your content against the top-ranking competitors to give you insights to update and optimize your content as per the searchers’ intent.

With a solid understanding of key terms, user journey, and readability, Scalenut Content Optimizer lets you plan content that is destined to rank well on search engines.

To Sum Up

Our platform caters to all the short-form and long-form content needs of an individual and your business. We work on the problems and pain points identified by our active Scalenut community members to update our tools regularly, therefore, keeping up with the latest technology trends and your varying content needs.

We hope our tool serves its purpose and gives you an enriching content research and creation experience. We love to be a partner in your content creation journey and value your support. 

Offering better access to all essential features, Scalenut helps you simplify and organize workflows. We are excited to see our users create lots of fantastic content for all your needs.